Improving information management and patient care

13th September 2018
Enaie Azambuja

Zebra Technologies has announced that Lancashire Teaching Hospitals National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust has deployed the Zebra’s MC18 and MC55 mobiles computers along with technology from Zebra partner, Ingenica Solutions for enhanced information management and patient care.

Based in the United Kingdom, the Trust implemented a patient-focused digital transformation project - powered by Zebra’s mobile computers - that improve inventory management of medical consumables, enhance patient care and safety as well as supply chain and asset management.

The Trust’s diagnostic teams now use Zebra’s MC18 devices at multiple stages during patient care. For example, they are used to scan patient wristbands every time consumables or implants are administered and barcodes when opening sterile instrument wrappers. Throughout these processes, staff find the Zebra MC18 easy to use, improving their day-to-day work environment.

“With any new system, user adoption is critical,” said Deborah Watson, Deputy Supply Chain Manager, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

“The NHS uses multiple solutions from Zebra Technologies so we were happy to follow Ingenica’s recommendation to deploy Zebra’s MC18 mobile computer. The total solution has delivered significant cost and time savings, including for our front-line care givers, and ensures we are GS1 compliant.”

This process has helped to build an easily accessible, detailed and accurate history of procedures and costs throughout the Trust. It has also resulted in cost savings as the Lancashire NHS Hospital Trust had £5m of balance sheet adjustments recovered through improved stock management.

The Trust also saved around 10,000 clinical hours of time, which equates to six full-time employees annually. Zebra’s solution has enabled better information management, whilst adhering to strict Department of Health GS1 compliance. The Trust also uses Zebra HC100 Wristband Printers and Zebra Z-Band Direct Thermal Wristbands for GS1-compliant patient identification.

“Zebra has a strong track record of helping healthcare organisations improve operations,” said Wayne Miller, Healthcare Director EMEA, Zebra Technologies.

“This deployment clearly demonstrates that Zebra’s solutions save NHS money and time while delivering a performance edge. This ensures precious staffing resources can be more efficiently deployed to manage key tasks such as improving patient care and safety.”

The usability, robustness and reliability of the Zebra devices have all been key to the success of this project. The total solution has delivered a huge improvement in product traceability and operational visibility, key drivers within the NHS.


• Zebra’s healthcare solutions help clinicians save money and improve patient safety.
• Trust clinicians use Zebra’s MC18 and Zebra‘s MC55 devices to accurately track information on patient admittance, administered consumables, implants and sterile wrappers.
• The scanned information provides an easily accessible, detailed and accurate history of all products, procedures and associated costs used on each patient. This is an invaluable benefit for both hospitals and suppliers.
• Zebra’s solutions enable better information management, whilst adhering to strict Department of Health GS1 compliance, designed to improve efficiency and patient care.
• After implementing the Zebra solution, the Trust saw £5m of balance sheet adjustments recovered through improved stock management.

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