IDT ships 3m low-power PCIe Gen3 buffers

19th December 2014
Nat Bowers


Cementing its role as a key enabling and validation partner of leading x86 and ARM-based CPU and chipset suppliers, Integrated Device Technology has announced that it has now shipped over 100m PCIe buffers and over 3m low-power PCIe Gen3 buffers.

IDT’s low-power PCIe Gen3 buffers apply IDT’s long-proven, patented, Low-Power HCSL (LP-HCSL) technology to address three major customer concerns. The buffers reduce operating costs by greatly reducing power consumption, save board space by eliminating up to 76 discrete termination resistors and easing board routing, and support longer PCIe connection topologies with better signal integrity over long interconnects.

Dave Shepard, Vice President and General Manager, Timing and RF Division, IDT, comments: “These milestones underscore the fact that IDT gained its leadership in the PCIe timing market by delivering innovative solutions that address customer requirements. We will continue to develop new PCIe technology that tackles the evolving challenges our customers face, hitting new milestones along the way.”

The 9ZXL family addresses PCIe Gen3 and QPI requirements commonly encountered in x86 data centre applications. These devices are offered in 6, 8, 12, 15 and 19 output variants.

IDT’s 9DBU and 9DBV SoC-friendly PCIe Gen3 buffers offer the same PCIe performance as the 9ZXL devices in even smaller footprints and with even lower power consumption. While simultaneously supporting battery-powered operation, SoC-friendly PCIe Gen3 buffers maintain improved signal integrity over longer PCIe connection topologies. Suitable for both x86 server and x86/ARM micro-server applications, the 9DBU and 9DBV families are offered with 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 outputs and can be used for PCIe Gen3 applications in any system.

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