Home Bargains expands fleet and reduces cost of ownership

1st February 2018
Anna Flockett

Home Bargains is enjoying sustained growth in conjunction with JOST UK as the company is developing its fleet of distribution vehicles in preparation for continued success. The company depot has new workshop facilities for service and maintenance of its own fleet of 82 vehicles and 370 trailers.

“We expect to run our double deckers for seven years and standard vehicles for 10 years,” said Home Bargains’ Fleet & Compliance Manager Alan Beech. “For us, reliability is very important and we know that JOST UK is able to support us in this.”

Since 2006 all of the axles for Home Bargains’ trailers have been supplied by JOST, which means that but for a few older exceptions the whole fleet is now running on JOST axles.

JOST UK’s Richard Flackett is delighted at how the relationship with Home Bargains has and is continuing to develop: “With such a large and diverse fleet, Home Bargains has confidently specified JOST axles”.

JOST UK is part of a fast growing international group of companies that excels at the manufacture and supply of components for commercial vehicles. As well as axles it makes draw bars, fifth wheels, landing gears, lubrications systems, kingpins, towing hitches, on-vehicle hydraulics, safety sensors and systems, hubodometers and in-cab displays. The group also includes many company names famous in the world of commercial vehicles, such as Rockinger, Tridec and Edbro.

However, supply of equipment is only one side of the company’s offering. It has long recognised that high levels of customer service are vital in its chosen markets. The foundation of JOST’s service provision is based on technical knowledge and flexibility of approach. Further, it always strives to develop a unique but strong relationship with each customer so that they are supported in the best possible way for their particular operations.

Fleet operators are increasingly demanding in the requirements they place on their suppliers. They rightfully expect defect-free products at reasonable prices and these need to be supported by first class service, so that they can safely provide reliable, cost effective distribution.

JOST produces two series of axles, DCA and DLS. DCA is a complete modular axle system that allows an almost endless range of configuration options to be built from a relatively small number of components and subsystems. For both truck builders and truck operators this means minimal holding of parts and spares, easy fitting due to the familiarity developed by the mechanics and fitters, one-stop service for axles and other components, and reduced cost of ownership over the life of the equipment. It is also notable that DCA parts are of integral welded construction which offers the benefits of reduced weight for easy fitting and fuel economy in use, whilst retaining exceptional stability and strength in operation.

The DLS is a conventional leaf spring system. With up to 10.5 ton axle capacity, the Durable Leaf Suspension trailer axle (DLS) offers an optimum suspension solution for all trailer types and applications. With proven axle tracking and alignment, the DLS can be fitted with air bellows and shock absorbers to provide a complete suspension system.

“The serviceability of JOST axles is of particular interest to Alan and the team at Home Bargains,” said Flackett, “as they are bringing all vehicle maintenance and servicing in house. JOST axles and JOST service are a proven combination for optimising life time costs on these vital and hard working vehicle components.”

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