Seika Machinery To Demonstrate A HIROX Microscope At The IPC APEX EXPO

25th January 2013
ES Admin
Seika Machinery announces plans to participate in the Printed Board Assembly Cleaning and Contamination Testing Centre during the upcoming IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place February 19-21, 2013 at the San Diego Convention Centre. The HIROX Digital Microscope will be operated in booth #1549. The centre will provide practical support to visitors keen to implement new cleaning and contamination monitoring processes as well as overcome reliability failures.
The digital microscope allows a sample to be observed directly through a lens. HIROX Microscopes are optimized for the characteristics of the imaging sensor — a flat, 2-D array with a known readout rate, response curve, pixel size, etc.

Objects may be inspected dynamically in 360° with the patented HIROX design. Additionally, using the microscope, superior BGA inspection is capable up to 200X magnification. Low maintenance costs are achieved with the use of a spring loaded lens tip to protect samples. Additionally, the microscope is highly configurable and features a flexible lineup of lenses and peripheral devices. Other standard features include optimal illumination using a metal halide lamp for balanced color spectrum, a multitude of 2-/3-D profiling features are available for a wide range of applications, and customization is available for tailoring to client-specific needs.

The Printed Board Assembly Cleaning and Contamination Testing Center will demonstrate ionic testing, surface insulation resistance, solder paste flux cleaning system, cleaning materials, optical inspection, PCB and component compatibility testing, among other processes. The clinic is organized by IPC and National Physical Laboratory.

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