Henry Muyshondt appointed as MOST Executive Director

24th October 2013
Jacqueline Regnier

The MOST(R) Cooperation (MOSTCO) has appointed Henry Muyshondt as Executive Director. "We created the new position of Executive Director in order to meet the rising requirements of the growing market success of MOST Technology," stated Rainer Klos, MOST Cooperation Administrator. "Henry Muyshondt, who had previously been Technical Liaison of the MOSTCO, was first choice since he has been involved with MOST and driving its success from the beginning. We are delighted that we could win him over to join the MOSTCO executive team and further demonstrate the assets of the leading automotive network."

In his new position, Henry Muyshondt will be essential in leading MOST Technology into the future beyond its current third generation MOST150, based on the Specification Rev. 3.0. "It is my honor to have the opportunity to represent MOST Technology to the international automotive industry," said Henry Muyshondt. "MOST fulfills upcoming requirements such as high data rates and the blend of infotainment with driver assist functionality in the car. Thanks to the scalable and multiplex architecture with powerful interfaces, multiprotocol channels, synchronicity and low latency of the network, the extendable MOST architecture is ready for the coming needs of the automotive data network."

MOST Experience

Besides his new role at MOSTCO, Henry Muyshondt is Senior Manager at Microchip Technology. He was one of the early employees and General Manager, Business Development, of OASIS SiliconSystems, one of the founding partners of the MOST Cooperation. Henry holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida as well as a Masters of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He holds nine US patents and has written extensively about MOST in various industry publications. Thus, he has been instrumental in introducing the MOST networking technology into the automotive industry.

He also serves on the CEA's Board of Industry Leaders, its Mobile Electronics Division Board and various technical committees that have created two CEA standards. Henry has worked to bring together the automotive and CE industries and has led MOST Cooperation and CEA efforts to bridge the gap between these industries.



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