GreenWaves named a 2019 'Cool Vendor' in AI semiconductors

5th June 2019
Lanna Cooper

GreenWaves has announced that it has been named a Gartner 'Cool Vendor' based on the 29th April, report 'Cool Vendors in AI Semiconductors', authored by Alan Priestley, VP Analyst, and Saniye Alaybeyi, Senior Director Analyst. The report stated: “The deployment of products with AI capabilities continues to gain momentum but requires increasingly sophisticated semiconductor devices to enable this new generation of smart things."

"This report highlights three semiconductor vendors delivering innovative AI-enabled chips to facilitate this trend.” GreenWaves and its flagship GAP8 IoT application processor, is listed as one of these three vendors.

“We believe that Gartner’s Cool Vendor reports represent some of the most cutting-edge, innovative and pioneering brands and technologies. We also believe that to be included as a Cool Vendor in AI Semiconductors is a true testament to GAP8 and the company’s commitment to delivering AI at the very edge,” said Loic Lietar, GreenWaves’ Co-founder and CEO.

“The industry is at an inflection point as the need for interpretation of rich data sources is pushed out into IoT devices operating at the very edge of the network. We are seeing a clear market need for a flexible processor, optimised for battery operation, incorporating acceleration for AI and other signal processing algorithms to support booming IoT and consumer applications such as medical wearables, and people and object detection and counting. We think it is great to be recognised by such a prestigious analyst firm for our work to help deliver the next wave of smart things.”

This report also recommends that technology product managers planning an AI-enabled hardware product portfolio must:

  • Evaluate new AI chip designs that enable optimised productivity and performance as an alternative to GPU-based solutions for edge and data centre deployments.
  • Create ‘always on’ AI functionality by ensuring the selected vendors have adequate support for the development of low power IoT endpoint devices.

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