Green supply chain solutions for E&E industry

14th August 2019
Alex Lynn

With investors, shareholders and customers exerting increasing pressure on the Electrical and Electronics (E&E) industry to reduce its impact on the environment, SGS is seeing greater take-up of its ‘Green Supply Chain & Production Management Solutions’. SGS is well-placed to support businesses in transforming their green credentials.

The solutions program integrates sustainable thinking along the entire supply chain and into every stage of product manufacturing, including material sourcing, selection, manufacturing process, delivery of final product, and end-of-life management; as well as the establishment of hazardous substance management systems.

Neil Huang, Technical Manager, EET RSTS, SGS said: “We recognise that there is a will within the E&E industry to tackle environmental concerns such as supply chain carbon emissions and resource use, yet we also see the difficulties organisations face in getting started. Our solutions will help manufacturers, suppliers and retailers break down the barriers to action and ensure greener ways of working that will ultimately improve efficiency, boost production, improve brand image and bring competitive advantage.”

Organisations who participate in the service can benefit from:

  • Sustainable green compliance assurance.
  • A cost-effective approach towards compliance.
  • Reduction of contamination risks during production leading to improved efficiency.
  • Reduction of testing costs.
  • Better quality products, leading to reduced product recall risks.
  • Improved brand image and enhanced customer relationships.
  • Advantage in overcoming green trade barriers.

‘Green Supply Chain & Production Management Solutions’ also deliver improved systems to tackle product quality, including the procurement of raw materials and substance control; the traceability and reliability of purchased raw materials; credibility of suppliers; the rapid expansion of chemical regulatory requirements around the world; surveillance programs from NGOs on big brands and their impact on the environment; and pressure from buyers and retailers on process control requirements.

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