Graphene could contribute to new generation of aircrafts

11th December 2015
Enaie Azambuja

Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials (BIAM) has become the latest partner of the National Graphene Institute (NGI), based at the University of Manchester, to promote the research and development in graphene reinforced aluminium matrix composites areas, and accelerate the application of graphene in the aviation industry and other sectors.

For this project, BIAM and the University, under the leadership of Professor Robert Young, will exchange expertise and cooperate on the structural characterisation and property testing of graphene reinforced aluminium matrix nanocomposites.

The projects could result in lighter, stronger and conductive parts for aeroplanes, high speed trains and other industrial equipment to replace traditional materials. With graphene added, the strength of aluminium alloy could be highly improved while retaining its ductile quality. The collaboration could improve the technology maturity and accelerate the updating of aeroplane structural materials and functional materials.

In the future, the two parties expect to expand the collaboration on graphene materials. Besides the graphene reinforced aluminium matrix composites, both parties will seek collaboration in areas of graphene energy storage materials, environmental purification materials and information materials. 

Dai Shenglong, President of BIAM, said: “Graphene is expected to revolutionize the technology sector. Graphene and its products have unique properties and show wide prospects for applications. “BIAM has obtained achievements in the areas of graphene modified structural materials and functional materials, the preparation process and large scale production of graphene nanoflakes and graphene films, and has achieved some extensive application experiences in the aviation industry.

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