Gooee reports success after unveiling its IoT technology in the US

21st January 2016
Jordan Mulcare

Gooee is reporting ‘significant interest’ in its new technology that connects lighting manufacturers to the IoT following its launch to a US audience at CES in January. Jan Kemeling, Chief Commercial Officer, Gooee, said that CES provided delegates, manufacturers and other exhibitors to witness the full benefits of its IoT ecosystem including environmental intelligence, human engagement, product tracking:

“CES was a fantastic way to start the New Year, particularly with the IoT tipped to be 2016’s hottest of hot topics,” Jan says. “Creating significant interest in Gooee’s technology in the US forms an important part of our future plans and growth ambitions, and we are encouraged with how well our new technology has been received.”

Environmental intelligence, a core benefit of luminaires with ‘Gooee inside’, will ensure cost savings through many features including automated control, energy reporting, predictive maintenance, occupancy detection, ambient light levels, white colour tuning and LED performance reporting.

Offering location-based engagement, personalised user experiences and security tracing, Human Engagement is another key benefit; while Product Tracking is enabled from a 360º life cycle tracking device with RFID, or Bluetooth, technology that can identify where a product is within a particular Gooee ecosystem – specifically helping those in the retail, logistics, transportation and healthcare services.

Gooee is already partnering with seven manufacturers, and are in talks with over 40 other potential customers of Gooee Inside: “We are excited about manufacturers using our IoT ecosystem within their new product ranges, bringing smart-lighting to the wider market throughout 2016.”

CES is an annual exhibition in Las Vegas, this year attracting over 3,800 exhibitors and in excess of 170,000 visitors, with around a third traveling from overseas.

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