'Future of cybersecurity' workshop to explore secure architectures

11th April 2019
Lanna Deamer


Lynx Software Technologies has announced that it is partnering with the US Army Research Laboratory to deliver the 'Future of Cybersecurity' Workshop being hosted by IEEE SoutheastCon at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama on 12th April.

The Future of Cybersecurity Workshop will explore recent advances in secure architectures and their potential application in responding to a constantly evolving cybersecurity threat landscape.

As part of the workshop, led by Dr. Patrick Jungwirth of the Army Research Lab, Lynx CTO Will Keegan will outline the significant advances in cybersecurity approaches that inspired the company's latest product platform, Lynx MOSA.ic, and demonstrate the modular design approach as applied to a SCADA system.

The Lynx MOSA.ic modular development framework gives IT stakeholders the ability to precisely define the expected behaviour of a computer system and to enforce information flow control policies.

Inspired from holistic composable security research, Lynx MOSA.ic is designed to address the challenges in architecting critical aerospace, defence and industrial systems that are resilient to malicious attempts to ex-filtrate data or subvert the underlying platform in order to bypass information flow policy enforcement.

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