Fujitsu to show state-of-the-art automotive graphics solutions at Electronica

11th November 2008
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Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe is exhibiting part of its range of leading-edge graphics controllers and microcontrollers designed for automotive and industrial applications on Inova Semiconductors’ Stand 115, Hall A6, at Electronica 2008.

Single-chip solution delivers sophisticated graphics and cost savings

The MB88F332 ‘Indigo’, Fujitsu’s new graphics controller, opens-up new avenues for designers to create new concepts with graphics systems. Developed to meet the requirements of in-car applications such as hybrid cluster, HUD (head-up-display) and CID (central information display) in future vehicle generations, it provides a big potential for reducing system costs.

In a modular system the MB88F332 is installed close to the screen without external memory and external TCON, and can display a splash-screen on stand-alone start-up. The state-of-the-art APIX®, Automotive Pixel Link interface from Inova Semiconductors, builds the serial video and command link to a remote control unit. The pixels are made by the internal sprite engine in an animated style, blending and overlaying internal sprites and external video data. With further peripherals such as ADC, I2C, SMC and GPIO, etc., to round-off the feature list, the MB88F332 is packaged into a low-cost QFP.

First microcontroller with embedded APIX transmitter

Fujitsu’s MB91F467S, the first MCU with embedded APIX, is the perfect counterpart to Fujitsu’s graphics controller MB88F332 to build a modular hybrid instrument cluster, with separated control and display units. MB91F467S can remotely control the peripherals on MB88F332 via the bi-directional APIX side bands and can download pixel data to MB88F332 via the main link. With a 100MHz system clock, it offers enough performance to remotely control up to two display units connected via APIX and simultaneously handle various other tasks.

The MB91F467S is a member of Fujitsu’s MB91460 series of high performance 32-bit MCUs based on the proprietary FR core. This family offers a rich portfolio of MCUs for various applications in the automotive (e.g. instrument cluster, body, infotainment) and industrial arenas.

APIX remote handler software

In addition to the microcontroller described above, Fujitsu offers the matching APIX remote handler software. This software package enables the customer to quickly use the APIX remote handler hardware on the MB91F467S to its full extent, saving significant software effort.

System-on-chip graphics controller

MB86R01 ‘Jade’ is a highly-integrated device for embedded automotive graphics applications. Incorporating an ARM926EJ-S CPU core, together with an enhanced version of the successful Coral PA graphics processor and a number of external interfaces, this 90nm process technology device is highly optimised for various types of applications that require outstanding CPU performance in combination with sophisticated 2D/3D graphics features in a compact SoC. Target applications include on-board and mobile navigation systems, graphical dashboard systems, HUD units, rear-seat entertainment systems, point-of-sale terminals and industrial control panels.

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