French smart homes solution target the UK

26th November 2015
Joe Bush

Following success in the French market, HDSN (Home Detection Sensor Network) has announced the launch of e-sylife, a smart home monitoring solution, in the UK. e-sylife is an interactive all-in-one solution that allows users to remotely monitor key parameters of their environments (homes, shops, offices etc.) and be alerted in real time - helping them address security, pollution and energy consumption concerns.

First launched in France in January, following three years of R&D and a €2m investment, e-sylife recently emerged as a winner of the MedPi 2015 Innovation Awards. Following this, HDSN is targeting the UK market as a step further in its European and international expansion plans.

HDSN recently partnered with KIC InnoEnergy, a European company dedicated to promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and education in the sustainable energy sector. Through this partnership, HDSN has signed an OEM agreement with Tauron, the second largest electricity generator in Poland - its first win in the region.

According to a market study by Strategy Analytics last year, the number of UK households with some form of smart home system (automated entertainment, energy, appliance, security or healthcare systems typically controlled remotely through internet technology) increased by 43% in 2014, with one in nine (11%) households spending a total of £715m. This is forecast to double to £1.4bn with one in four (27%) households, by 2019. In addition, the ‘2014 Smart Home Systems and Services Forecast’ study (conducted across the US, China, France, Germany, Italy Spain and the UK) shows that the UK was ahead of the global average (five percent of households) in smart home adoption last year but considerably behind the US (17%).

“HDSN has a tradition of embracing innovation as we continue to drive new ways of thinking and interacting with different living spaces. We are excited about extending our market leadership in Europe and are confident in delivering the right solutions to meet the growing consumer demand for smart home technology in the UK where there is clearly a strong potential for our company,” said Frederic Bonnard, founder, HDSN.

e-sylife is a connected Smart Home solution, consisting of a Kub (the heart of the system which connects to the Internet) and wireless devices sensors. It allows users to connect to their homes from anywhere in the world and remotely monitor in real time from a custom dashboard. Users can also access the same information on their smartphones (iOS and android applications) or via a web browser.

The main installation step is to connect to an e-kub sylife online by creating a personal account. Users can also download e-sylife App on Apple store and Google Play.

Depending on their needs, users can customise their installation with additional interactive options. These options allow the monitoring of other parameters such as electricity, water and gas consumption; outdoor temperature; wind speed; refrigerator, freezer or wine cellar temperature and air quality in other parts of the living space. Users can choose to be informed of this data either by email, SMS (on smartphones) or on the custom dashboard.

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