Flexibility & power protection for industrial batteries

1st February 2016
Joe Bush

The first single-chip 100V high side FET driver for high power lithium-ion battery applications has been launched by Texas Instruments (TI). Delivering advanced power protection and control, the bq76200 high voltage solution efficiently drives high side N-channel charge and discharge FETs in batteries commonly used in energy storage systems and motor driven applications, including drones, power tools and e-bikes and more.

Compared to typical 50V low side FET driver solutions, the 100V high side FET driver provides greater protection against possible inductive transient events in motor driven applications, which can cause battery voltages to jump as much as 200% above normal. The bq76200 also helps maintain constant battery monitoring and enhanced system diagnostics - even when charging and discharging is disabled.

Key features and benefits of the bq76200

• Versatile supply voltage range: Compatible with a variety of battery architectures, capacities and voltage ranges from 8V to 75V, with an absolute maximum of 100V.
• Advanced protection FET control: The fast switching feature minimises fault response time and disables the discharge FET if a battery has been severely discharged.
• Quick development time and reduced overhead: The adaptable driver works with small to large power FET arrays by simply scaling the charge pump capacitor, reducing engineering overhead and speeding development time.
• High integration and small package size: The bq76200 integrates a high voltage charge pump and dual FET drivers into one 5mm by 4.4mm by 1mm thin shrink small outline package (TSSOP).

The bq76200 can be used in conjunction with the bq76940 battery monitoring family, allowing for the application to move to a high side FET drive and ensure that communication is always possible. The bq76200 can also drive TI’s CSD19531Q5A 100-V NexFET power MOSFET.

The bq76200 is available now in the TI store and through the company’s authorised distribution network. The driver is packaged in a 16-pin TSSOP and is priced at US$1.69 in 1,000 unit quantities.

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