First commercial quantum computer system

14th July 2011
ES Admin

Triton, Oxford Instruments’ cryofree dilution refrigeration system is an important component in the first commercial quantum computer system to be supplied by D-Wave Systems Inc. Vancouver based D-Wave has announced an agreement to sell a D-Wave One™ quantum computer system to a Fortune 100 company. The Triton™ system provides the low temperature environment that is essential to the performance of its quantum annealing processor. This processor is able to address complex computational challenges that are difficult or impractical to perform using conventional systems, and represents a paradigm shift in processing technology.

The Triton™ system enables the required processing temperatures of close to absolute zero to be obtained without the use of the expensive and difficult to handle liquefied gases required by traditional systems. The resulting operation is a requisite for the quantum computing market.

Dr Jim Hutchins, Managing Director of Oxford Instruments NanoScience commented “We are extremely pleased to be part of D-Wave’s story and proud of the fact that our Triton™ technology has been used in such a ground breaking computing system. This reflects the commitment that we have made in the field of quantum computing and our leading position as a supplier of enabling technologies to this community. We have been working with DWave for the past four years and I now look forward to developing our relationship further to contribute to realizing the full potential of D-Wave’s amazing technology. We believe that given our state of the art technical solutions and world-class customer support infrastructure, we are well positioned to do this.”

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