Facial recognition system adopted by cities across the world

8th August 2017
Lanna Cooper


An advanced surveillance system for cities using facial recognition has been provided to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, in cooperation with Capital Systems LLC, by NEC.

The system began operation in June of this year, and works in combination with 400 CCTV surveillance cameras installed in Georgia's major cities, including the capital, Tbilisi.

The system utilises NeoFace Watch, NEC's real time facial recognition software for video, featuring the world's highest recognition precision. It checks images captured by CCTV cameras against pictures of suspects and others registered in a watch list, making it possible to identify figures rapidly and accurately.

This system was introduced as part of Georgia's 'Safe City, Safe Region, Safe Country' programme aiming to improve public safety. Georgia also plans to install tens of thousands of additional cameras nationwide in the future.

"By offering city surveillance systems that are enhanced with facial recognition technology, we are contributing to proactive crime prevention and efficient criminal investigations," said Tomoki Naka, Managing Director, NEC Telecommunication and Information Technology. "NEC is committed to providing valuable solutions for society, and we will continue proposing innovative new solutions using face recognition, both in Georgia and around the world."

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