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5th April 2019
Lanna Cooper

Held at Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum, COPA-DATA will host its second annual zenon Energy Day on 9th May 2019. The event will explore how control and monitoring technology can be used to improve operations in the sector, through a series of talks from industry representatives. Attendance is free but spaces are limited, therefore attendees are encouraged to secure their space on the COPA-DATA website.

The event follows the success of last year’s zenon Energy Day, which was hosted at the Microsoft British headquarters in Thames Valley Park, Reading.

Welcoming delegates from a host of industry roles, the zenon Energy Day 2018 addressed several key challenges for the sector, including substation automation, battery storage and cyber security. This year, COPA-DATA plans to provide an in-depth analysis of best practices for the industry, including a focus on Distributed Energy Resource Management (DERMs) and Distributed Management Systems (DMS).

COPA-DATA has long been involved in automation for the energy sector. However, the newest version of the software platform, zenon 8.0, has been developed with additional functionalities to meet the needs of the industry. For instance, the platform includes Load Flow Calculation and a State Estimator, which allow for grid calculations to be made in the context of energy distribution. During the day, COPA-DATA’s experts will be available to offer demonstrations and technical advice on using these features.

Industry speakers will also deliver presentations based on practice-oriented solutions for the energy industry. This includes a talk from Andrew Joyce, Head of Engineering Operations for Automation at Lucy Electric. During this presentation, Joyce will explain the importance of independence and flexibility in software for the energy sector, highlighting the problems he has previously faced when delivering projects with larger OEMs.

“Britain’s energy sector is changing rapidly,” explained Martyn Williams, Managing Director of COPA-DATA UK. “As a nation, we’ve set ourselves ambitious renewable energy targets, and the industry needs to embrace new technologies to make reaching these targets an achievable goal. At this year’s energy day, we’re demonstrating exactly how zenon can be used to improve the control and monitoring of energy facilities.

“In fact, we’ve have recently launched new solution packages for zenon that are designed specifically for the energy sector. The zenon Energy Day 2019 agenda includes practical guides of these features. Our team, with representatives from our Austrian headquarters and the UK, will be on hand to explain how users can make the most of these new features and importantly, demonstrate how the platform is already being used in industry.”

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