Evatronix Optimizes its I2S Audio Interface Controller by Adding TDM Support and Single Channel Operation

18th March 2010
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The silicon intellectual property (IP) provider, Evatronix SA, announced today the introduction of the I2S-SC controller IP. It is compatible with the Philips I2S specification and all its modes; however, it reduces the number of supported channels from eight to one and introduces the Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) mechanism for more efficient multi-channel handling.
Most consumer devices are able to send or receive data from one audio channel at a time, and the ability to process 8 channels simultaneously was often excessive, said Pawel Duc, I2S engineer at Evatronix. “With the introduction of the TDM we’re extending this one stereophonic channel into an orchestra of 16 channels, capable of delivering 192 kHz samples each. This is the equivalent of the state-of-the-art Dolby® TrueHD technology that is hitting the shelves on BluRay discs.”

The I2S-SC controller features over a dozen configurable parameters that let the user further adjust the IP to his application needs. The most significant options are: serial clock and word select polarities, audio channel width, data delay, the size of external FIFO and the sample bits order.

For easy implementation into a variety of system bus interfaces, the I2S-SC features the universal OCP socket and a set of wrappers for the most common bus architectures – AHB, APB and PLB.

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