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14th August 2006
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Carlo Gavazzi has introduced energy management network software to improve efficiency and reduce costs by providing complete energy management programmes for industrial, commercial and public buildings.

Said to be easy to use, PowerSoft software from Carlo Gavazzi allows correct and efficient manageability of utility systems and can manage very wide networks with up to 800 instruments. The configuration wizard has a fully-automated set-up, saving installation time, and can manage networks over several sites, even when there is distance between them. This eliminates the estimation of costs for utilities such as energy, water and gas and allows the correct allocation of costs where one or more organisations or divisions share the same utilities such as shopping centres, production facilities, hospitals, blocks of offices or flats.

PowerSoft also increases awareness of exactly how much energy is being consumed in each application and where savings can be made by reducing any unnecessary usage. The software also offers accurate readings which provide the capability to choose the best tariff for each utility. It can be tailored to meet individual needs and is easily adaptable to any market segment. Used together with Carlo Gavazzi’s power analysers and energy meters a complete solution is created.

Carlo Gavazzi’s PowerSoft is an analysis platform which is suitable for Win98, 98SE, 2000 and XP and is available in the following languages: English, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, French and Portuguese.

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