EMI and RFI shielding capability expanded

23rd August 2017
Peter Smith

GI Plastek has significantly expanded its in-house EMI and RFI shielding capabilities with a mechanized production paint line. Here, GI Plastek applies a copper shielding emulsion on to plastic moulded parts to eliminate EMI/RFI penetration that could disrupt sensitive components and circuits and potentially “throw off” instrument calibration. The shielding can also be used to eliminate emissions from healthcare instruments that could interfere with other patient care equipment and affect patient safety.

The 9000ft² paint facility enables GI Plastek to apply shielding to parts as large as 4ft by 5ft on a controlled, mechanized line. GI Plastek’s paint operation runs two shifts a day, five days a week, increasing customer throughput potential. The line has four drafted booths for priming, painting, coating and texturing operations, along with an in-line convection oven. GI Plastek can apply spray-on EMI and RFI shielding onto most substrates.

Conductive spray-on material is a far more cost effective option than large, heavy sheet metal liners or sheet metal enclosure doors. Spray-on shielding reduces the number of parts used on instruments, eliminating the cost of a box within a box and associated attachment parts. This in turn reduces overall product cost.

The availability of in-house shielding capabilities is a benefit to customers who want to keep the entire process under one roof to control quality and production time – from moulding plastic parts, to finishing processes, to coating/painting and decorating.

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