Demand for boundary scan hardware to spike

3rd December 2019
Alex Lynn

Prominently driven by increasing usage of boundary scan solutions for PCB and integrated circuit (IC) developments, global boundary scan hardware market generated revenues worth $1.3bn in 2018. High demand for new and advanced testing equipment, and adoption of these hardware in embedded instruments will also be the important factors driving boundary scan hardware installation in the near future.

As per the findings of a new report, the increasing number of small-sized companies that cannot afford expensive in-circuit testers are opting for boundary scan hardware. This has been a key booster to the market growth in the recent past.

Key takeaways:

  • Production test, on-board device programming, and design verification require the usage of boundary scan controllers.
  • Boundary scan hardware is highly versatile and can be utilised in the entire production processes, which include emulation, in-system, and on-chip programming.
  • Boundary scan is scalable high-performance platform for testing and scan operations.
  • Boundary scan input/output pins are used as an alternative of expensive digital pin electronics.
  • The demand for boundary scan hardware in the aerospace & defence industry is projected to increase at a striking CAGR of seven percent during the forecast period.
  • Implementation of boundary scan hardware is expected to be high in North America, owing to advancements in measuring and testing equipment.

Production test systems are subjected to boundary scanning tests that are developed using solutions from boundary scan manufacturing organisations. These tests eliminate logistical and fixture problems. Manufacturers are likely to deploy more boundary scanning systems in order to facilitate efficient scan tests for large-scale end-use industries such as aerospace and defence.

Technology penetration and subsequent innovations

On-going offering of boundary scan hardware as more effectiveness and speed of product testing in various companies make engineers’ tasks more efficient and straightforward. In July 2019, the XJTAG Limited, a leader in boundary scan hardware and software test solutions, announced the release of its latest software that supports engineers develop a better test operations and programs more efficiently.

In August 2018, JTAG introduced a new series of embedded solutions platform SCANFLEX II. SCANFLEX II creates a uniform control platform with up to 12 independent and truly parallel test access ports. SCANFLEX II is the new generation modular boundary scan controller.

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