DAQ solution can be used standalone or PC-based

12th August 2015
Nat Bowers

Able to support several different analogue inputs, the SQ2020 is a universal datalogger from Amplicon that can be used as a standalone or PC-based data acquisition solution. Features include multiple analogue inputs, such as thermistors, thermocouples, voltage and current, with eight true differential or 16 single-ended analogue inputs.

The SQ2020 has logging rates of up to 100Hz on up to two channels and is able to store up to 14 million readings with a built-in large non-volatile memory. A removable MMC / SD card can be used to improve this. Multiple COM ports are supported, 10/100 base Ethernet (2F8 only), USB and RS232 expand this further.

There are two models within the SQ2020 series, the Squirrel 2020–1F8 and Squirrel 2020–2F8 (high speed model). The 2F8 model is able to provide up to 100 readings per second on two channels as opposed to the 20 readings per second on 1 channel (1F8). The units retain different sample speeds on the other channels making it suitable for measuring dynamic parameters such as temperature and pressure. It also offers built-in Ethernet connectivity and up to four 3 or 4 wire Pt100 / Pt1000 sensor inputs. There is also a WiFi variation of the SQ2020 series adding wireless communications to the product.

The SQ2020 is supplied with the Grant SquirrelView software. SquirrelView allows users to perform logger configurations, downloading and exporting of data in real time on an integral display or on a PC. There is also an optional SquirrelView Plus that offers advanced data analysis and archiving/transfer features.

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