D-Line has launched a trunking solution that offers installers and specifiers a uniquely quick and easy solution to hide surface cabling.

1st December 2011
ES Admin
D-Line has added to its range snap-on accessory options for use with mini D-Line. The semi-circular 30x15mm range looks subtle when hiding vertical cable drops or blends so naturally with skirting you don’t notice it. A ratchet tool cleanly cuts the profile to required lengths in seconds. All lengths have a removable film cover on the front that maintains a pristine condition, and a foam tape gives a very simple peel-and-stick installation.
The snap on tabs on the back of the five new accessories – including bends and tee sections - clip securely into the groove created when D-Line lengths are fitted to the surface. The accessories forgive imprecise length measuring and poor length cuts become hidden when snapped over the gap.

Paul Ruddick founder of D-Line “Now installers needing a quick solution can satisfy those customers who prefer cables to be hidden. Indeed installers are finding D-Line as quick and easy to install as stapling cables, with customers delighted at the end result.

“This provides very exciting possibilities as surface installations become more attractive to clients previously put-off at the thought of unsightly cabling, or traditional trunking. Customers can be offered a far superior appearance without adding to the installers’ time.”

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