Contract deploys data unifying system across all operations

26th May 2017
Alice Matthews

Logistics data unifier, GateHouse Logistics, has won a contract from Heinloth Transport that will see modules of its ghTrack data unifying system deployed across all operations. Heinloth will use GateHouse’s ghCore and ghView modules to obtain one data stream overview of all deliveries being undertaken by its fleet in real time. At a stroke, the firm’s logistics operations will be easier to manage and more effective as a result. The haulier will also be able to securely share distribution data with its customers.

As a trans-border European haulier, Heinloth's main business is land transportation of freight transport and contract logistics. The haulier has a fleet of over 600 pulling vehicles and around 400 employees.

In order to guarantee to customers the highest possible flexibility of operations throughout Europe and to optimise use of available load space, the haulier needed to consolidate disparate information of individual units in real time into one sensible, consolidated data stream.

With the ghTrack fleet cloud, GateHouse offers an overview of all integrated units in a single user interface. The telematics systems of all providers can be easily and promptly integrated into its cloud through existing interfaces.

"As an expanding international logistics company, the Heinloth Group must focus its operations on digitisation and process optimisation. The time-consuming and complex manual work currently being undertaken requires too much resource and time and is prone to human error,” said Sebastian Prinzing, Heinloth’s Manager of Projects. ”Digitisation, networking and the automatic processing of various data and information is the best way forward for our company and GateHouse Logistics’ ghTrack modules are the most effective and efficient tools to pro-actively support tour planning and to generate high added value in quality and time savings.”

”ghTrack is now Europe’s most secure data distribution system for the logistics industry and we are delighted to enable Heinloth Transport to achieve its business goals of automating and unifying the mountain of data that circulates in its operations,” added Jesper Bennike, CEO, GateHouse Logistics.

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