Compliant drivelines deliver fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions

4th January 2019
Lanna Deamer


Renault Trucks’ latest Euro-6 Step D-compliant drivelines for its Range T and Range D 2019 models deliver a number of improvements that lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions compared to the current generation.

Range T fuel consumption and emissions both down three percent
The Renault Trucks Range T and T High version 2019 are fitted with DTI 11 and DTI 13 Euro-6 Step D engines, meeting the legislation due to take effect from 1st September 2019. They feature a new-generation post treatment system, made with new materials for increased durability. An Adblue quality sensor has also been added, whilst the seventh injector has been removed.

Additionally, the Renault Trucks Range T 2019 is equipped with a new-generation Optivision system. This predictive speed regulator, which uses road topography to optimise gear changes, now stores high definition data directly in the vehicle, maintaining connection even in areas where the GPS provides no information, such as tunnels.

The adaptive Eco Cruise Control also features new settings that use less fuel. The combination of these improvements and new equipment enables customers to achieve up to three percent reduction in fuel consumption compared to the current generation.

Range D fuel savings of up to seven percent
For its efficient Range D and D Wide distribution range, Renault Trucks has upgraded its DTI 5, DTI 8 and DTI 11 engines which meet the legislative demands of the Euro-6 Step D regulation with updated drivelines that use a new generation post-treatment system.

To further optimise fuel consumption, the DTI 5 and DTI 8 engines have been fitted with new engine software. The full range of auxiliaries has also been redesigned, with the Renault Trucks Range D and D Wide featuring a new oil cooling system and a low-flow water pump.

Improving airflow, and thus significantly reducing fuel consumption, the aerodynamics of the Renault Trucks Range D and D Wide have also been optimised. For the 2019 models, new lateral deflectors, as well as a new adjustable roof-mounted deflector, can be adapted to suit all types of bodies, thanks to its 12 setting positions. Together, the improvements and new equipment deliver up to seven percent reduction in fuel consumption compared to the current generation.

New for 2019
For 2019, Renault Trucks Range T and T High are available to order with new top-of-the-range finishes including black leather seats and harmonised grey headliner, and customisable grille and wing mirrors in a choice of gloss black or anodised orange paint colours. 

The Renault Trucks Range D and D Wide 2019 offer Biodiesel compatible options (up to 100%) and are also available in a CNG version.

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