Collaboration to certify C-V2X technologies

25th February 2019
Alex Lynn

It has been announced that the Global Certification Forum (GCF) and 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) have agreed a collaborative framework under which they will combine their resources and expertise to accelerate the global introduction of Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) products.

The new partnership aims to address the current gap in certification capabilities and processes, thereby harmonising C-V2X at a global level and reducing the time-to-market of C-V2X products.

C-V2X is set to become a central force for innovation in the automotive market, providing the platform which will enable vehicles to communicate with each other and with everything around them. Originally defined as LTE V2X in 3GPP Release 14, which was completed in June 2017, C-V2X provides one solution for integrated V2V, V2I and V2P and V2N operation. The shorter-range V2V, V2I and V2P modes support direct communication without necessarily relying on network involvement for scheduling, whilst the longer range V2N mode will deliver network assistance and commercial services requiring the involvement of a Mobile Network Operator (MNO).

The data throughputs and latencies provided by 5G are critical to the performance of autonomous vehicle applications and hence C-V2X is designed to be fully compatible with 5G technologies.

Based on the C-V2X specifications defined in 3GPP Release 14, many car manufacturers and their suppliers in the key markets of the USA, Asia and Europe have been working on products which will come to market in 2019.

“As always, with the introduction of new and disruptive technology, standards and certification are critical to ensuring successful deployment,” said Lars Nielsen, General Manager at GCF. “Our partnership with 5GAA means that together we are achieving the evolution into 5G with a proven success factor for self-driving and connected vehicles.”

Maxime Flament, CTO at 5GAA, added: “We are extremely pleased to partner with GCF as a further step towards safe and successful C-V2X deployment. This aligns perfectly with our mission to accelerate the global deployment of intelligent transport and communications solutions and make transportation of the future safer and more reliable.”

The framework agreed by the two organisations aims to enable 5GAA and GCF to work together to ensure the certification needs of the C-V2X industry are identified and prioritised and that test cases and associated capabilities are developed in-line with the needs of this rapidly emerging market.

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