Collaborates offers silicon carbide FETs

19th August 2019
Alex Lynn

Recognising the importance of entwining technological advancements and environmental sustainability, Distrelec has added the UnitedSiC range of high-performance, energy-efficient SiC FET, JFET and Schottky diodes to the web shop. The UnitedSiC vision is to enable their customers to deliver industry-transforming levels of efficiency to society's most advanced power applications.

Typically used in applications including EV charging, PV inverters, switch mode power supplies, power factor correction modules, motor drives and induction heating, UnitedSiC technology enables simple and efficient solutions when upgrading from an existing silicon-based design.

The UnitedSiC UJ3C (general purpose) and UF3C FAST (hard switched) series of silicon carbide FETs are based on a unique cascode configuration, where a high-performance SiC fast JFET is co-packaged with a cascode optimised Si-MOSFET to produce the only standard gate drive SiC device on the market today. The UF3C series is designed for faster switching speeds and lower switching loses, with Kelvin package options for high-performance designs. 

Steve Herd, Head of Customer Proposition and Product Management at Distrelec, said: “Pivotal to the future of technological advancements is considering the impact they may have on our environment. With UnitedSiC, Distrelec can connect affordable, sustainable and energy-efficient solutions to key markets driving renewable technologies. 

“These include wind and solar power generation, electrification of transportation such as automobiles and next generation trains, emerging Smartgrid technologies that add intelligence to power grids and high-efficiency power generation and conversion.” 

Jeff Knapp, Vice-President of WW Sales at UnitedSiC added: “Our collaboration with Distrelec will connect their vast network of industry professionals with the affordable power efficiency products they need to design more sustainable, low-impact solutions. Through widening our distribution network with Distrelec, UnitedSiC will now be able to reach a wider group of hardware designers with our high-performance, cost-effective SiC solutions.”

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