Charlie Barnhart & Associates to Release Results of Mid-Market OEM Study Comparing Mexico and China

27th September 2011
ES Admin
Charlie Barnhart & Associates LLC, has completed its study titled “Mexico vs. China: An Objective Comparison of Electronics Manufacturing Capabilities for Mid-Market OEMs.” The study, conducted by Eric Miscoll, Principal, examines the capabilities of the EMS industries in China and Mexico for their fit with the needs of mid-market OEMs.
“China and Mexico both possess many world-class manufacturing facilities capable of producing any electronic product being designed today,” Miscoll explained. “The question, therefore, is not one of capability but fit. Which country best fits the manufacturing needs of a particular OEM? For OEMs selling high-volume products in the 3Cs (consumer, computer, communications) sector, the answer is undoubtedly still China. For mid-market USA-based OEMs selling lesser volume products, the answer has become less clear. Many of these companies have been caught up in the China hype only to become frustrated,” he concluded.

CBA is preparing to release the study, which is based in part on a survey of OEMs, to its Outsourcing Navigator Council members. CBA asked OEMs to rate the capabilities of both China and Mexico in providing electronics manufacturing services (EMS) to a North American-based OEM along a manufacturing life-volume continuum provided.

The output of this study is a report that examines the strengths and weaknesses of each country and how they should influence the fit of the electronics manufacturing that is assigned there. The report will be available to interested OEM and EMS companies.

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