Campus Dashboard controls 300 instruments

4th March 2019
Mick Elliott

The Campus Dashboard has been designed by Rohde & Schwarz to manage and remote control the test and measurement instruments in large student laboratories easily from just a single computer. Lab managers, tutors, students and professors all benefit from its excellent usability, simplified workflows and automation capabilities.

It simplifies teaching large student groups in university laboratories, working on multiple workbenches. The PC application provides a wide range of functions that speed up teaching, plus access to instrument operations, settings, and data such as screen shots.

It enables a teacher to set identical conditions on all student test instruments, to save settings from one instrument and distribute these settings to all students, or to retrieve results from all students simultaneously.

Various Rohde & Schwarz bench instruments are supported including oscilloscopes such as the R&S RTB2000, spectrum analysers such as the R&S FPC1000, network analysers, and power supplies such as the R&S NGE100B.

These instruments offer excellent quality for small budgets and they are ideal for the educational market.

Operated from a central PC, the software automatically connects to supported instruments in the local network.

Users can arrange the individual devices on virtual benches, customised to reflect the individual laboratory layout.

The R&S Campus Dashboard can also manage simultaneous firmware updates on multiple devices, reducing regular maintenance tasks for an entire student laboratory to just a few clicks.

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