Borrego Solar and Bentek Solar Extend Solar Supply Agreement with new Breaker Universal Safety System

2nd July 2013
ES Admin
Bentek Solar and Borrego Solar Systems today announced the extension of their supply agreement and first customer shipments of the Bentek Breaker Universal Safety System and ungrounded string combiners.
Bentek will continue to supply a range of large-scale Combiners, Circuit Breaker Recombiners, DC Disconnect Safety Systems and accessories to Borrego Solar for use on its PV solar systems.

Bentek Solar is pleased to extend our supply agreement with Borrego Solar. The extended agreement will include the new Bentek Breaker Universal Safety System (BUSS) and the 12, 16 and 24 circuit ungrounded string combiners. “The new Bentek BUSS is designed to work with almost any inverter. It is highly configurable allowing up to 14 1000VDC 100 percent rated circuit breakers that provide over current protection along with NEC 2011 compliant individual disconnects and zone current monitoring. The common output BUSSbar connects to virtually any inverter input bus bar. The BUSS allows PV designers to standardize PV designs independently of the DC inputs in the inverter. The new Bentek BUSS product comes in both grounded and ungrounded versions,” said John H Buckley, Executive Sales and Marketing at Bentek Solar.

“We are extremely pleased to be part of Borrego’s success and we look forward to continuing to meet Borrego customers’ needs with high-reliability, high-quality PV Solar products,” said Mitch Schoch, President and CEO of Bentek.

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