Boosting value creation in electronics production

5th November 2019
Alex Lynn

MIMOT will exhibit its completely modular, fully automatic logistics solution at productronica 2019 in hall A2, booth 404. From November 12th to 15th the SMART STORAGE system capable of managing the flow of goods for 30,000 or more components featuring continuous inventory taking, MSD handling and AGV connectivity can be experienced at the Munich fair grounds.

MIMOT SMART STORAGE is a fully automated system for managing the flow of goods and is the heart of an optimised warehouse logistics solution. The result is cost reduction through optimised logistics, efficiency increase by means of improved throughput and quality improvement owed to the fully automated process.

The completely modular design enables customers to gradually adjust the storage capacity to their business demands or to integrate additional features and modules such as fully automated components counting via X-ray.

Jürgen Philipp, Managing Director at MIMOT, said: “Boosting profits is not only about pure throughput of your lines or the investment in more lines. Experience has shown the biggest value creation is achieved by optimising the logistics processes which significantly improve one’s own competitive situation. 

“The logistics processes are most successfully optimised by taking into consideration the principles of value stream mapping and conducting an analysis of internal material flow. Out paramount goal is to maximise value creation for our customers, hence to maximise the benefit i.e. profit.”

At productronica, MIMOT demonstrates the complete internal logistics cycle from goods receiving scanner with 100% traceability to automated storage of components via patented reel trolley to fully automated transport of reels to the line via AGV without the need of operator intervention.

The goods receiving scanner, a relabelling station with automatic label recognition using a specialised vision system, has an integrated database of preprogrammed component manufacturers for verification of manufacturer data and assigns a unique ID for 100% traceability.

Depending on the level of automation, reel storage can be done either via robot directly at the relabelling station or via reel trolley. An X-ray component counter can be integrated which allows continuous inventory taking and accurately captures the quantities at all times. Thanks to real-time inventory data this optimised supply chain management allows minimal capital tie-up due to low inventory levels and avoids downtime of the lines because of out of stock components.

Removal of reels from storage is accomplished by means of a reel trolley or a carousel for automated delivery to the line via AGV without the need of staff intervention. This allows the operator to be at the line, ensures automatic and timely material delivery through real-time machine triggered demand and limits work in process to the current production run.

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