Black Friday in the age of AI

29th November 2019
Alex Lynn

Here Fabio Torlini, Managing Director EMEA at WP Engine, makes a comment and gives some advice on the AI research published by WP Engine, covering what is changing about Black Friday, in today’s world of AI.

“Thanks to AI-powered digital experiences, Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year will be won by the brands that understand and respect the consumer and their values. This means less of bombarding customers with irrelevant offers and targeted price surging. Instead, use AI to provide personalised, tailored experiences based on demographics and psychographics - all the while ensuring a seamless user journey across digital touchpoints.

“When data-driven insight is applied to moments like Black Friday, the result is a superior degree of control over each individual customer journey. In turn, it's created an ecosystem in which consumers demand increasingly personalised, interactive digital experiences. But in this age of the empowered and educated consumer, brands on Black Friday must remember to walk a fine line where a person's digital space must be respected in the same way as physical space.

“Our latest research study on how AI could civilise the Web reveals that 87.8.% of UK consumers think it’s important that they have some degree of control over the personalisation they receive. And over 92% of consumers want companies to provide transparency about how their personal data is being used for personalisation. So remember the value of values: consider what information is collected and what is done with that information to enhance personalisation accurately, without being overly intrusive or plain creepy.”

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