Bias tees make their mark in high frequency broadband

25th March 2010
ES Admin
Just announced by Admiral Microwaves, the specialist supplier of RF and microwave components, is an expanded range of bias tees. Fabricated in the US by world-class manufacturer, Marki Microwave, the devices are available in surface mount, lead-free, RoHS compliant versions, or in traditional lead-solder packages for RoHS-exempt applications. Some units are also available with connectors.
Bias tees are used to supply DC currents or voltages to a wide range of RF and microwave devices, including field effect transistors (FETs) built into amplifiers, and triodes, as well as in photodiodes. Applications range from portable wireless products such as mobile phones, through test intstrumentation, to equipment used in wireless/satellite telecommunications infrastructure, as well as medical, military and aerospace systems. The devices are expected to prove popular in upcoming 40Gbit/s and higher performance broadband applications.

A typical device in the surface mount, lead-free surface mount range, is the BT-0030SMG, featuring an input frequency range from 10MHz to 30GHz, low typical insertion loss of 1dB (2.5dB maximum), maximum DC voltage of 30V and a 1W RF power handling capability. Other devices cover the frequency ranges from 500kHz to 34GHz.

For more robust applications, requiring connector fittings, the BT-0026 is typical of the range, with an input frequency range of 10MHz to 26GHz, low typical insertion loss of 1dB (2dB maximum) and 1W RF power handling. These devices are non-resonant with low leakage current, and normally supplied with 2.92mm connectors. The family also includes models with input frequencies ranging from 40kHz to 65GHz.

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