Bespoke strategy to manage obsolete optical components

3rd May 2019
Alex Lynn

It has been announced that Resolve Optics has published an article that discusses the benefits of adopting a bespoke design strategy to manage the increasing occurrence of optical components becoming obsolete before the end of a products life cycle. Optical component obsolescence has always been an issue for buyers in industries ranging from aerospace and defence, right through to the nuclear industry.

In these industries, equipment built by OEMs tends to have long life cycles that outlast the life spans of the optical components that are critical to those systems.

Increasingly, optical component obsolescence is also becoming an issue for medical and scientific equipment, which have shorter life cycles. As product life cycles continue to shorten, so many optics manufacturers are obsoleting their off-the-shelf components at a faster rate than ever before to keep up with the pace of technology demand in the marketplace.

The article discusses how investing in a bespoke lens design for your product gives you control over security of supply and the ability to have optimised performance compared to an off-the-self design.

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