Alternative source provides End of Life inductors

30th September 2015
Mick Elliott

BEC Distribution, franchised distributor for Central Technologies, has stock availability of alternative components for end-of-life TOKO Inductors and Coils. The distributor has direct replacements for TOKO D52FU; TOKO D10F; TOKO D73C; TOKO 8RBS; TOKO 8RB; and TOKO 10RB, all of which are about to reach or have already reached end-of-life status.

These components can still be found in many electronic applications, so the availability of quality alternatives is an important issue for many OEMs. In addition, some “mature” products are still being manufactured by OEMs, using components nearing TOKO’s end-of-life status.

This makes the sourcing of alternative inductor and coilcomponents critical to the ongoing manufacture of many OEM products.

Founded in 1994, Central Technologies is an established manufacturer of quality inductive components and industry-standard magnetics to major OEMs worldwide.

Design assistance is available from BEC.

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