Axis Network Technology announces support for the WiMAX Forum

17th March 2008
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Axis Network Technology has announced its support for single-standard WiMAX technology by becoming a member of the WiMAX Forum, an industry-led non-profit organization committed to promoting and certifying interoperable WiMAX products.
The IEEE 802.16 and ETSI HiperMAN standards that are promoted by the WiMAX Forum represent the most important market today for Axis’ digital radios, said Simon Mellor, CEO of Axis. WiMAX Forum certification is an essential requirement for basestations that integrate our radios, and membership of the WiMAX Forum is a logical step to enable us to fully participate in the WiMAX community.

Axis Network Technology is a leading vendor of software reconfigurable digital radios, RF subsystems and IP to OEMs for deployment in WiMAX networks worldwide. Its MIMO 4W and 8W Remote Radio Heads (RRH), and the innovative software that drives them, are already enabling WiMAX services to be delivered in the USA, Asia and Europe, with state-of-the-art power efficiency performance that helps network operators to minimise CAPEX and OPEX.

The WiMAX Forum continues to gain industry support with more than 520 members to-date, said Ron Resnick, president of the WiMAX Forum. As companies, both large and small, join together to create an ecosystem of interoperability, their products and services are delivering anytime, anywhere broadband access to consumers around the world.

The WiMAX Forum is an industry-led non-profit organization comprising more than 520 companies committed to promoting and certifying interoperable WiMAX products. WiMAX products are designed to deliver wireless broadband services to both residential customers and businesses by creating economies of scale made possible by standards-based, interoperable products and services.

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