Audio tech enables clear calls in the car for the voice-enabled age

9th January 2019
Lanna Cooper


A new audio technology that enables clear conversations between occupants in the front and back of the car as well as for incoming phone calls has been announced by HARMAN at CES 2019.

Premium Communications offers three key features to improve in-car conversations. The first, In-Car Communication (ICC), combines microphones, voice processing and in-vehicle audio signal processing to create a suitable environment for conversation within the car cabin, enhancing the sounds you want to hear, and reducing those you don’t.

HARMAN’s In-Car Communication allows the driver to communicate directly with passengers in the back seats without needing to turn around or take their eyes off the road. Alternatively, second and third row passengers can now communicate easily with the first row - eliminating the need for them to raise their voice or strain forward in their seats.

The second is ClearChat with Far-End Noise Cancellation: Using beamforming microphones, echo cancellation and noise reduction algorithms to remove unwanted cabin noise - including air conditioning, road noise or rear seat passengers, for listeners on the receiving end of a call.

The third is Personal Communication Zones. This gives every occupant the freedom to simultaneously interact with their voice assistant of choice or have a phone call with confidence that call recipients won’t hear the music or entertainment from others in the vehicle.

“With the regular use of voice-enabled devices, coupled with consumers’ always-on connected lifestyle, communicating clearly on the go, particularly in your car, is more important than ever before. As a result, in-vehicle communication is evolving to be a critical component of the overall passenger experience,” said Michael Mauser, President, Lifestyle Audio for HARMAN.

“HARMAN’s new Premium Communications leverages the latest advancements in smart audio to personalise the sonic environment and improve all communication occurring in vehicles - whether it’s with a voice assistant, someone on the other end of a phone call, or between passengers. At HARMAN, we’re focused on innovating smart, scalable and seamless solutions that provide the personalisation consumers today crave, and Premium Communications is no exception.”

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