Atego’s Artisan Studio achieves ‘Ready for IBM Rational Software’ validation

20th October 2010
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Atego, the leading independent supplier of industrial-grade, collaborative development tools for engineering complex, mission- and safety-critical architectures, systems, software and hardware, has announced that Artisan Studio has achieved formal validation for its DOORS Synchronizer as Ready for IBM Rational software. The Ready for IBM Rational software validation program provides a method for IBM Business Partners to assure customers of the safety and interoperability of their application development and lifecycle integrations to the Rational Software Delivery Platform, based on compliance to specific integration criteria. Artisan Studio DOORS Synchronizer provides full, bi-directional integration between Artisan Studio’s award-winning UML/SysML model-driven embedded development environment and the IBM Rational DOORS family of requirements definition and management solutions.
“Validation of the fully bi-directional DOORS integration provides further proof of the complementary nature of Artisan Studio and IBM Rational DOORS,” said Hedley Apperly, Vice-President of Product and Marketing at Atego. “With a best-of-breed tools policy fundamental to the implementation of the most effective embedded systems and software design flows, this validation will further assure customers that Artisan Studio and IBM Rational DOORS will work seamlessly as one.”

Artisan Studio’s SysML Requirements Profile provides support for requirements directly inside the model. It has been designed to allow requirements to be fully integrated into the modeling environment regardless of domain, empowering teams to work with requirements not just in the systems analysis phase of a project but throughout the entire project’s lifecycle, all the way through to verification and beyond. The ability to model requirements inside the same tool as other design artifacts improves communication and understanding of requirements both upstream and downstream at all stages in the project reducing re-work and increasing the ability to deliver on time.

Artisan Studio’s bi-directional DOORS Synchronizer allows the creation, modification and/or removal of requirements and traceability in both Artisan Studio and IBM Rational DOORS through the synchronization of the contents of the two tools. The Synchronizer can create surrogate modules in DOORS allowing the export of traceability data, as defined in Artisan Studio between artifacts such as code or verification scripts, into the DOORS tool. An intuitive wizard-based user interface makes it easy to learn and powerful to use out of the box. It provides a simple yet flexible filtering system for model objects and their properties to reduce DOORS module complexity, ensuring that the contents of the modules are as navigable and informative as possible.

“We are very pleased to announce this formal validation between Artisan Studio and IBM Rational DOORS,” said James B. Gambrell, Executive Chairman of Atego. “The validation formally endorses the long-standing ability of Artisan Studio to seamlessly integrate with IBM Rational DOORS in order to significantly improve design quality by optimizing communication and collaboration, and by promoting compliance and verification. It is yet another step in our Work-as-One strategy, delivering tool- and method-agnostic mentoring across the enterprise architecture, systems engineering and software development domains.”

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