SILICA launches ArchiTech to Support Design and Development Tools for the European market

6th March 2013
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SILICA company, today announced the launch of a major engineering support initiative called ArchiTech. With ArchiTech, the semiconductor distributor aims at providing a full solution and single-point-of-contact for all requirements related to design tools.
ArchiTech solutions will help customers to bring new designs to market on time and in the most efficient possible way. The distributor brings together robust development tools, engineering and software expertise, in-depth training and extensive documentation.

Mauro Pasqualini, director supplier and technology at SILICA, explains the idea behind ArchiTech: “As devices grow in complexity and time-to-market pressure increases, avoiding design risks and ensuring the best possible performance in the end product are becoming increasingly important aspects for developers. Software support has become a fundamental element in the selection of design tools and we recognised the need to offer our customers more than just off the shelf development kits. ArchiTech boards deliver the optimal solution in terms of speed, accuracy, flexibility and cost.”

ArchiTech is backed by an experienced design team of 15 engineers who develop all tools for SILICA, typically in a period of 12-20 weeks.

The initiative benefits from Silica’s long-term relationships with leading silicon vendors and all boards and tools being developed have the suppliers’ full cooperation and support.

In addition to the normal sales order channel through the SILICA sales teams, all tools under the ArchiTech umbrella will also be available for sale through the Avnet Express channel, enabling credit card transactions for customers of all sizes.

Among the first boards available through the ArchiTech initiative is the recently launched Pengwyn board, based on TI's AM 3354 ARM Cortex-A8 Microprocessor. SILICA plans to release a total of 15 different solutions in 2013.

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