An introduction to the bionic body

28th May 2019
Alex Lynn

The human body is incredible all by itself, you only need to take a brief look into our biology to see that. But what happens when we’re not at our best? Well, technology has advanced to astonishing levels, and as this new infographic shows, there are lots of exciting, life-changing ways the bionic body could help people.

“From i-limbs to artificial organs, advances in technology have led to an explosion of innovation in transplantation science,” the infographic confirms.

Some highlights from the interactive infographic are:

  • 3D printing is allowing researchers and scientists to create artificial human organs.
  • Thought-controlled limbs have become a possibility. Sensors will be embedded into muscle tissue that will send electrical signals from the brain, allowing the wearer to have greater control over their movements.
  • Micro-optics can be embedded in the lens of a bionic eye. Researchers are predicting that this could improve vision loss – a significant increase in the quality of life experienced by those with sight problems.
  • Hearts could become battery-powered.

Bionic body parts are still in the early stages of development. It takes time to perfect the technology, since scientists must make sure they cover all bases. The materials must be safe and the human body must accept the bionic parts, and then of course there are other implications to consider: the ethical, financial, and political issues that surround this type of development.

These are all challenges yet to be faced. For now, the possibilities are beyond anything anyone could have dreamed up.

To access the interactive infographic, click here.

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