An Application For Learning How To Eco-Drive A Truck

7th November 2012
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Truck Fuel Eco Driving, the new application developed by Renault Trucks, enables anyone to practice eco-driving an HGV on their smartphone or tablet. This is a game for learning how to anticipate the characteristics of the road and reduce consumption without compromising efficiency.
The Truck Fuel Eco Driving game developed by Renault Trucks and unveiled on video simulators at the IAA Motor Show in Hanover is now available on smartphones and tablets. Based on the typical conditions truck drivers actually have to face on the road, this application puts the player behind the wheel of a Renault Premium Long Distance pulling a 40 tonne load, with the objective of driving it as fast and as economically as possible.

Ten missions, with ten different levels of difficulty, take the player through various routes. At the beginning of each mission, players are given a set of specific objectives. For example, they are asked to manage their consumption when going uphill and downhill or when negotiating city traffic.

Informed of obstacles on the route such as traffic lights, junctions or traffic jams, drivers have to think ahead as far as possible so that they can get maximum acceleration at the right moment. The aim is to maintain a high journey speed while at the same time reducing fuel consumption. At any moment, drivers can decide to accelerate or brake according to the information displayed on their screens. They must be cautious, since one error too many and they have to start all over again. In other words, access to the next level is only granted once players have achieved the objectives set at the beginning of each mission. They must have earned at least one star at the end of their journey before they can move on to the next level. The best drivers can earn up to three stars - which is a way of assessing the quality of their economic driving.

This application is an entertaining way of applying the principles of eco-driving. Beginners and experienced drivers alike will find it a useful way of testing their driving style to help them improve in real-life situations.

The Truck Fuel Eco Driving application can be downloaded free of charge for smartphones and tablets operated through iOS or Android.

This game was available on two physical truck driving simulators throughout the entire IAA Motor Show in Hanover from 20 to 27 September 2012, on the Renault Trucks stand. Link here to the App Store.

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