Airport security scanner gains TSA approval

19th November 2017
Mick Elliott

R&S QPS200 millimetre wave technology developed by Rohde & Schwarz has achieved TSA Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) detection certification. TSA certification validates that the R&S QPS200 meets TSA’s stringent aviation security detection requirements. The R&S QPS200 security scanner uses safe millimetre wave radio frequency technology to screen passengers automatically for concealed threats while protecting passengers’ privacy.

“We are pleased that the R&S QPS200 has achieved the milestone of TSA detection certification and look forward to building a partnership with TSA at US airports to deliver next generation security capabilities,” said Scott Bausback, President and CEO of Rohde & Schwarz USA. “We are dedicated to providing airports, air carriers and passengers with high-performance, passenger-friendly security screening technology.”

The R&S QPS200 is the first Rohde & Schwarz AIT system to achieve TSA detection certification and has achieved certification by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) and is in use at airports across Europe.

The millimetre wave technology is based on the company's many years of expertise in developing globally leading test and measurement equipment.

The QPS system requires only a few milliseconds to scan passengers, which can speed checkpoint-screening operations and increase through-put. Privacy is protected by the use of a generic outline of a person to indicate to operators the location of an alarm.

Scanning is easy as individuals simply stand in front of the technology with their arms held slightly away from the body and the system automatically detects potentially dangerous objects on the body.

The QPS200 millimetre wave technology is safe and produces no more transmit power than a mobile phone.

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