Doppler module opens door to low cost, high performance

9th June 2010
ES Admin
Specialist equipment distributor serving the RF and Microwaves market, Admiral Microwaves, has announced the availability of an 8 patch doppler module for low cost, short distance sensing applications. Fabricated in Switzerland by specialist manufacturer, RFBeam, the K-LC1 doppler module features an asymmetrical beam and operates in the 24GHz K-band.
This extremely small (25 x 25mm) and lightweight module operates over the IF bandwidth from DC to 50MHz, and is ideal for use in movement sensors in security and automatic door applications. It will also be attractive in the building automation sector, as an alternative to infrared PIR or AIR systems. Additional features include 80°x43° pattern and FM input.
These RoHS compliant devices cost from £5 to £10, depending on volume, with samples available from stock in the UK, and orders on 1 to 3 month lead times.

The K-LC1 is one of a range of RFbeam short range radar modules, primarily focused for use in movement detectors, presence sensors and traffic monitoring systems. Of additional interest is the top of the range 124 patch K-MC2 module, which includes two 55dB low noise preamplifiers for both I and Q channels, and a RSW (Rapid Sleep Wakeup) function with <10µs wakeup time. The module is ideal for battery operated equipment, particularly in the traffic monitoring arena.

A starter kit with signal conditioning and visualisation is also available.

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