Analog Devices' Tactical Grade Gyroscope Sensors add a new Dimension to Industrial Design

9th June 2010
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Industrial system designs involving platform stability, navigation, or precision measurements and diagnostics rely on multiple sensor inputs. In extreme environments where shock, vibration, and wide temperature ranges are present, a reliance on multiple sensor types or redundant sensors to compensate for environmental instabilities is common. System design engineers are under growing pressure to reduce this added system complexity and cost within existing and new applications.

Analog Devices is helping industrial equipment manufacturers more easily implement stabilization, navigation, and control features by adding two highly integrated and precise MEMS inertial sensors to its product line of iSensor motion sensor products. The new sensors combine tactical grade (< 10 degrees per hour) gyroscope performance with ADI’s award-winning iSensor integration and factory calibration.

The ADIS16135 iSensor precision angular rate gyro and the ADIS16385 iSensor six-degrees-of-freedom internal measurement unit (IMU) are both based on ADI’s iMEMS® (integrated Micro Electro Mechanical System) inertial sensor technology cores and offer an unmatched 6 degrees per hour bias stability, and angular random walk of 0.75 degrees/√hr. Extensive factory calibration results in an unmatched sensitivity of 16 ppm/degrees C and bias stability to within 0.003 degrees per second over -40 to 85 degrees C. The sensors are dynamically compensated and provide a simple user interface and control via a standard SPI (serial peripheral interface) and register interface. The ADIS16135 gyro and ADIS16385 IMU are designed for a broad range of industrial and instrumentation applications including: camera stability; antenna alignment; down-hole drilling; and GPS navigation in ships, aircraft, fleet vehicles, agricultural machinery and factory robotics.

“With tactical grade gyro performance available in ADI’s newest iSensor motion sensor products, complex stabilization and GPS-aided dead-reckoning is more easily enabled,” said Bob Scannell, iSensor business development manager, Analog Devices. “For industrial system designers who require the highest levels of gyroscope bias accuracy in extreme environments, the ADIS16135 gyro and ADIS16385 multi-axis IMU achieve the best cost-performance ratio available today.”

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