Adhesive designed for automotive board level reliability

18th September 2017
Lanna Deamer


Manufacturer of adhesives and encapsulants, Zymet has introduced the UA-3307-B, a new edgebond adhesive to enhance board level reliability in automotive and other harsh environment applications. BGA’s whose corners and edges are bonded with this adhesive have passed more than 2,000 cycles of -40 to 125°C thermal cycling without failure.

Large WLP’s, exceeding 8mm in size, have passed more than 1,500 cycles. The good results are attributable to the adhesive’s high Tg, 149°C, and low CTE, 15 ppm/°C.

The benefits of using Zymet’s edgebond adhesive, rather than introducing an underfill under the component, are significant. Board preheat and dwell time are not needed for underfill flow. There is no risk of underfill voids caused by flux residues impeding flow. There is no risk of underfill/flux-residue chemical incompatibility affecting underfill cure.

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