Acte finds its way to QinetiQ's GPS modules

5th May 2006
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Acte Components has announced its appointment by QinetiQ as their European commercial sales partner for a range of highly Sensitive GPS modules, which are suitable for markets requiring tracking indoors.
Hampshire-based Acte has already added the Q20 range of Sensitive GPS modules to its portfolio of products.

Until recently GPS positioning relied on direct satellite view, excluding many environments as a result. In order to meet customer requirements and counter these limitations, QinetiQ has developed a highly sensitive module which continues to provide position information where conventional GPS fails.
High Sensitivity GPS brings the advantages of satellite navigation to a whole range of new applications. Using a dedicated baseband processor with massive parallel correlation and frequency search capability, the Q20 receiver is much more sensitive and faster to fix than conventional GPS engines.

In urban and indoor environments, for instance, this new technology will provide greatly increased availability of position and timing solutions. In many cases, the GPS antenna can be eliminated altogether, saving cost and improving the form factor of customers’ products.
“Acte is developing a strong portfolio of products to support its customers’ needs within the M2M market,” said Mike Collen, managing director of Acte Components Ltd. “The QinetiQ range of products is without doubt a very important product for the Acte companies to be able to support. This technology will allow our customers to have the edge in their chosen markets.”

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