Accelerating services business by leveraging network

29th April 2019
Alex Lynn

Under the new brand ‘NEC Smart Connectivity’, NEC Corporation will accelerate its services business throughout a wide range of new fields by leveraging its strengths in networking technologies and solutions. As the global population increases and digitalisation advances, the number of IoT devices worldwide is expected to exceed 40 billion in 2020, creating extensive connections between people and things.

With digitalisation, services utilising AI, IoT and other technologies are providing new value and rapidly expanding into areas that include local government, transportation and daily life.

NEC enables customers to visualise data obtained in the real world, to analyse it using AI and then provides valuable feedback in response to it. In the future, networks that connect enormous amounts of data are expected to play a large role in society. By providing the following services and implementing the measures outlined below, NEC aims to achieve net sales of 100 billion yen in the NEC Smart Connectivity business in fiscal 2021.

Providing services that leverage network strengths
Combining expertise in building large-scale, mission-critical network infrastructure internationally with experience in system integration and service provision for various industries, NEC hopes to provide flexible, reliable, custom-made connectivity services that aim to drive the evolution of conventional networks, connect people and things, and serve as a basis for data utilisation. Specifically, NEC can build dedicated, large-scale, secure wireless networks for transportation operators and municipalities.

In line with customer needs, NEC offers a comprehensive range of services, from consulting to installation and operation, by selecting the most appropriate services from wired, LPWA, LTE, 5G and others. Specifically, NEC can build the IoT networks connecting temporary networks at construction sites, while quickly and easily providing sensors in factories.

NEC can provide a service infrastructure that combines various technologies, such as biometric identification, identity collaboration, data collaboration, and blockchain to distributors and financial businesses, and promote data distribution that delivers the right information to the right people and things.

Business promotion system reinforcement
NEC has consolidated network personnel for enterprises and government with network personnel for service providers, then created a 500 personnel team for the NEC Smart Connectivity business. In addition, the NEC Group has strengthened group synergies and established a unified service provision system.

Initiatives for business creation
In the summer of 2019, NEC will establish the ‘NEC Smart Connectivity Lab’ at its Tamagawa offices as a space for customers to experience services and co-create ideas to produce solutions.

In 2018, NEC began creating community connections with companies in various industries in order to accelerate business through open innovation under ‘5G Co-Creation Working’, a forum for co-creation of services.

The NEC Group is promoting its ‘Social Solutions Business’ on a global scale, which creates social value in terms of safety, security, efficiency and equality. Going forward, NEC will combine advanced ICT and expertise, with aims to create an efficient and sophisticated society in which people can live brighter and more affluent lives.

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