A123Systems to Supply Li Ion Cells for Shanghai Automotive Hybrid Vehicles

22nd October 2009
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Delphi Corporation announced an agreement reached to supply hybrid technology to the SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (SAIC Motor) for the mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle. This groundbreaking deal will bring SAIC Motor, currently the top OEM in the Chinese market, Delphi’s leading hybrid solutions to better meet the demands of local consumers for cleaner, more energy-efficient vehicles.
“We are excited to have this opportunity to work more closely with SAIC Motor,” said Thomas Goesch, managing director of Delphi’s Power Electronics product business unit. “It has always been our goal to bring more hybrid technologies to OEM customers in the Chinese market, but to do this with someone as influential in the market as SAIC Motor is truly an honor.”

Through years of work dedicated to developing reliable high-performance power electronics, Delphi has emerged as a leader in the field of hybrid technology. The upcoming SAIC Hybrid Electric Vehicle, which is expected to hit the market as early as in 2010, will feature Delphi’s unique mild hybrid vehicle product. This product is designed for easy electrical and mechanical integration into existing vehicles and includes a hybrid control unit, inverter motor drive and controller, DC/DC converter, battery pack and controls, battery disconnect, and thermal management subsystems. SAIC Motor is responsible for the vehicle-level system integration, hybrid control strategy and development of the software in the project.

In addition to converting high-voltage battery power to lower voltages used in lighting and 12-volt accessories, Delphi’s hybrid product provides several additional benefits. The hybrid control unit coordinates the engine/generator torque to achieve peak vehicle performance, reduced emissions and better fuel-efficiency. The inverter generates power to drive motors and generators, while the battery pack provides and recycles the energy used for starting and accelerating the vehicle.

A central feature of the system’s design is its energy storage system, an air-cooled Lithium-Ion Battery Pack. The battery pack is fully designed and integrated by Delphi using patented nanophosphate-based lithium ion cells from A123Systems, an American-based company with roots in the world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). A123 provides energy storage products for electric grids, portable power and transportation.

“A123 is proud to have been selected by Delphi as the battery provider for SAIC Motor’s hybrid vehicle. Active collaboration throughout the hybrid vehicle supply chain is vital to delivering vehicles to consumers around the world that pollute less, reduce energy costs and provide superior performance,” said David Vieau, A123Systems president and chief executive officer.

Delphi’s work with A123Systems to support SAIC Motor is part of a larger effort to help develop alternative-energy vehicles in the local Chinese automotive industry. Delphi has customer centers throughout Asia plus manufacturing facilities in Suzhou, which will serve as the primary center for production of this system. Delphi’s China Technical Center (CTC) in Shanghai will provide critical technical support throughout the product development cycle. The CTC is a state-of-the-art research and testing facility with an outstanding engineering team and a fully-equipped highvoltage power electronics lab for hybrid and electric vehicle development in which Delphi has already invested more than US$400,000.

Recognizing the importance of creating more energy-efficient automotive alternatives toward sustainable development, Delphi began working on the foundation of modern hybrid technology more than twenty years ago. As one of the top international producers of hybrid technology, Delphi is responsible for the production of power electronics like DC/DC converters and DC/AC inverters as well as motor controllers, battery packs, battery pack controllers and vehicle controllers. Delphi is also involved in various partnerships and strategic relationships to produce battery cells, electric motors and transmissions for hybrids. These components are all essential to properly functioning hybrid vehicles.

“Delphi is capable of providing hybrid solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of applications from micro hybrid stop-start systems to plug-in hybrids and range extended electric vehicles. We are supporting our Chinese customers locally by growing our Asia region engineering capability. Over the past two years we have expanded our Asia-Pacific hybrid design center and are planning for localized manufacturing of our hybrid components and systems” explained John Absmeier, Asia Pacific director of business development and manager of advanced engineering for hybrid and electric vehicles and power electronics, Delphi Corporation. “Delphi is helping to increase the availability of cost-saving, environmentally-friendly hybrid technology to consumers in China.”

This latest agreement with SAIC Motor is the next step in realizing Delphi’s bold vision to provide Chinese OEMs with the most reliable and cost-effective hybrid and electric vehicle solutions on the market, and further reinforces its position as an innovator in energy-saving technologies.

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