2014 Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe

28th March 2014
Staff Reporter

At the Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe tradeshow, taking place in Berlin, Germany on April 1 - 2 2014, AVX will be exhibiting their latest energy harvesting products.

Included in the energy harvesting products AVX plans to demonstrate is their BestCap capacitors portfolio. The devices can, the company claims, store several hundred times more energy by weight and volume than conventional aluminium electrolytic capacitors, and deliver it more than ten times faster. The capacitors are optimised for high-performance and battery-powered applications and can also be used in hybrid battery packs to reduce peak power demand and extend battery life.

The Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe tradeshow is an annual IDTechEX event, expected to attract over 1600 people from more than 35 countries. The show focuses on the latest developments in energy harvesting technologies for applications in building and industrial automation, consumer electronics and the automotive industry among many others.

The company also plans to exhibit, on booth A-14, high power ceramic and low ESR tantalum capacitors, connectors, thick and thin film capacitors, filters, circuit protection products, RF microwave capacitors, KDP oscillators and resonators, varistors and integrated passive components.

Visit AVX on booth A-14.


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