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Acer launches innovative urban mobility solutions at Selfridges London

17th May 2024
Paige West

Acer UK announced the availability of its new urban mobility solutions, the Ebii AI-powered smart bike and Predator electric scooters, in Selfridges London’s Smartech department.

This partnership aims to transform urban transportation, providing customers with cutting-edge mobility options.

Ebii AI smart bike: cycling reimagined

The Ebii is designed to enhance urban cycling with intelligent features:

  • AI-powered assistance: adapts to your riding style, offering personalised power assistance for an effortless ride
  • Smart safety: built-in sensors and predictive technology detect potential hazards and provide alerts, enhancing rider safety
  • Theft prevention: advanced security features, including GPS tracking and remote locking, offer protection against theft
  • Data-driven insights: track rides, monitor performance, and discover new routes with the EbiiGO app
  • Test rides available: customers can book a test ride at The Bike Shop by Smartech within Selfridges and experience the Ebii on the in-store test track

Pricing: available for £3,999 in-store.

Predator electric scooters: power meets style

The Predator electric scooters are designed for a dynamic urban riding experience:

  • Powerful performance: high-torque motors and long-lasting batteries provide speed and range for city exploration
  • Sleek design: stylish aesthetics make it a standout accessory for urban riders
  • Safety features: bright LED lights, reliable brakes, and responsive handling ensure a safe ride

Pricing: available for £1,199 in-store.

Craig Booth, Country Manager at Acer UK, commented: “The UK is a key market for Acer, and we're excited to expand our presence in London with this Selfridges launch. We believe that our Ebii and Predator products can significantly enhance the way people move around and experience their cities.”


The Ebii smart bike and Predator scooters are now available for purchase and demonstration at Selfridges London. Customers can explore how Acer's new products are contributing to the future of urban transportation.

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