Top 5 wireless products in November

30th November 2022
Paige West

Electronic Specifier takes a look at the top wireless products to have been released in November 2022.

SiTime’s precision oscillator for data centres and 5G infrastructure

SiTime Corp, the precision timing company, has announced the SiT5503 Elite X Super-TCXO, that raises the bar on timing performance in data centres and 5G infrastructure.

By 2024, the addressable market for precision timing in Comms-Enterprise is expected to be $1.3bn. The SiT5503 Elite X Super-TCXO will address $200m of this market by delivering an unmatched combination of features and performance that enable faster, more reliable networks.

“Today’s 5G and edge network applications require precision timing solutions designed to operate reliably in demanding environments,” said Piyush Sevalia, EVP marketing, SiTime. “With the SiTime SiT5503 MEMS Super-TCXO, system designers now have a compelling solution. They can replace large, power-hungry quartz OCXOs with the SiT5503, and meet the operators’ holdover requirements, even in the presence of severe environmental stressors.”

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Renesas' new advanced Wi-Fi plans

Renesas unveiled plans to deliver a comprehensive set of advanced Wi-Fi offerings to complement its broad portfolio of Industrial and IoT products. Renesas completed its acquisition of Celeno last year and is leveraging that technology to address a wide range of Wi-Fi client and access point applications for Wi-Fi 6/6E and Wi-Fi 7.

Renesas is delivering production volumes of high-performance Wi-Fi 6E access point solutions with its CL8000 family.

Renesas is also sampling a powerful, highly integrated, 2x2 Wi-Fi/BLE combo chip supporting Wi-Fi 6E tri-band switchable radio (6GHz, 5GHz & 2.4GHz), 160MHz channel bandwidth and up to 2.4Gbps Data Link Speed. The new low-latency, highly secure chipset includes Bluetooth and BLE 5.2 support, and addresses multimedia streaming applications, IoT gateways and cloud connected devices.

Renesas is also developing a Wi-Fi 6E chipset with unique, patented Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging technology. This Wi-Fi Radar technology depicts the range and doppler signature of people and objects using standard Wi-Fi signals. It eliminates the need for multiple cameras or sensors in home environments and commercial buildings.

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Murata set to accelerate widespread adoption of cooperative safety

Murata has been cooperating with Autotalks to introduce technology that will facilitate progression towards cooperative safety and higher levels of automated mobility.

This has allowed Murata to introduce a wireless module solution portfolio through which direct vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication can be supported.

For maximum versatility, this V2X solution can be adapted to customers’ requirements. It will feature Murata’s Type 2AN wireless module when intended for use in host-less configurations. In situations where there is a built-in host, the Type 1YL will be employed instead. Both these automotive-grade units are based on Autotalks’ CRATON2 and SECTON V2X chipsets. As well as being top performing, these modules are highly robust – thereby ensuring ongoing reliability, even in the most challenging of operating conditions. The Murata modules are able to support V2X software stacks from numerous different vendors.

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NeoCortec releases new NeoMesh wireless module

NeoCortec, a manufacturer of ultra-low-power bi-directional wireless mesh network modules, has released its new P Series of wireless NeoMesh modules at Electronica 2022 in Munich.

Featuring an RF/IO antenna connection placed under the module on solder pads for quick and easy soldering to any PCB, the P Series modules allow for a more efficient antenna design as well as more compact design of the sensor or actuator and meet the demands from customers who want to integrate Neocortec’s NeoMesh modules into their own PCB with the antenna also already integrated.

The new NeoMesh modules NC1000P-8, NC1000P-9 and NC2400P operate at 868MHz, 915MHz and 2.4GHz respectively and complement the already available C-Series modules that come with an u.FL connector and are used whenever an external connector is wanted. Cost efficient and easy to integrate, all the modules from NeoCortec suit a broad range of applications based on IoT and Cloud-based sensor networks, including smart home and smart workplace, metering, security, agriculture, transportation, Industry 4.0, medical and food distribution.

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Compact dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE modules

u-blox, a global provider of positioning and wireless communication technologies and services, has announced the NORA-W3 module series that extend their Wi-Fi stand-alone module portfolio, making dual-band capability available for the first time in this compact form factor.

This series is aimed at market segments such as healthcare, HVAC, energy management, EV charging, professional grade power tools and industrial sensing or monitoring applications.

As connectivity becomes more important in multiple application sectors, designers are faced with an increasing number of challenges including saturation of Wi-Fi channels in the 2.4GHz band, size constraints, need for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) to work in conjunction to connect to infrastructure, back-end systems, sensors and mobile devices.

Additionally, there is a constant trade-off between cost and functionality and with many companies entering this space for the first time, a need to be able to configure solutions without advanced Wi-Fi connectivity knowledge.

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